Watch Monticello Sports with DISH TV

DISH has the sports coverage The Land of Opportunity residents crave. From overtime with the Memphis Grizzlies to the seventh inning stretch with the St. Louis Cardinals, DISH helps your Monticello household get every minute of the coverage you crave. Plus, DISH gives you access to local Monticello stations as well as national networks, so you can keep up with all of your favorite teams—no matter where their coverage is broadcast.

Don’t have season tickets to watch the Dallas Cowboys play at AT&T Stadium? Get DISH Network and you’ll get the next best thing. Between NFL RedZone and the NFL Network, DISH’s Multi-Sport Pack delivers more than enough pro football coverage for you to keep up with Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys every week. And with over 35 sports channels available, the Multi-Sport Pack also allows you to keep tabs on your favorite teams and players at a variety of levels in just about every sport. So if you want to take your Monticello home’s sports programming to the next level, give us a call today.