Watch Magnolia Sports with DISH TV

Are you a football fanatic? If so, you’ll love DISH Network’s Multi-Sport Pack, which includes NFL RedZone. NFL RedZone allows your Magnolia household to enjoy all the NFL action you crave, so you can feel like you’re watching Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys from the 50-yard line at AT&T Stadium—every game!

But what if not everyone in your home is a football fan? Don’t worry—the Multi-Sport Pack has the rest of your family covered too. No matter which sports your Magnolia household enjoys, you can catch coverage of all your favorite The Land of Opportunity teams, including the Memphis Grizzlies, the St. Louis Cardinals, and more. And regardless of whether your team’s games and highlights are being broadcast on a national network or a local Magnolia channel, DISH has you covered. For more information on DISH sports packages, get in touch with us today.