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DISH network packages in Kentucky

Watch all your favorite TV shows, plus you get SHOWTIME® & DISH MoviePack™ for 3 months at no extra cost.**

PACKAGES from Dish network in Kentucky

Enjoy a vast selection of high-definition channels with a satellite TV package from DISH in your area. With free standard professional installation in up to six rooms and an included Smart HD DVR, DISH is the perfect choice to enhance your home entertainment.


America’s Top 120

190 channels
1194 Reviews


See 190 channelsSee 190 channels

Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

  • Watch ESPN, Newsmax, CMT, Disney Channel, and E!
  • 28K On-Demand titles
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Channels Included in America's Top 120™


    America’s Top 200

    240+ channels
    2167 Reviews


    See 240+ channelsSee 240+ channels

    Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

    • America's Top 120 and more including NFL Network, NBA TV, Hallmark, Disney Channel, and A&E
    • 25K On-Demand titles
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    Channels Included in America's Top 200™
      Channels Included in  


        America’s Top 250

        290+ channels
        668 Reviews


        See 290+ channelsSee 290+ channels

        Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

        • America's Top 200 and more including Turner Classic Movies, STARZ Encore channels, Bloomberg, Nicktoons, and Great American Country
        • 26K On-Demand titles
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        Channels Included in America's Top 250™
          Channels Included in  
            Channels Included in  
              football on tv

              Dish network: where Kentucky sports live

              It’s time to root for your favorite teams in front of your favorite big screen with DISH TV in Kentucky.

              From global events like the World Cup to local games from your college sports teams, DISH Network in Kentucky has all the hard-hitting athletic action you’ve been looking for. The Multi-Sport Pack features 35 major networks that cover football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer, so you can see every touchdown, goal, and home run live from your living room.

              family watching tv

              Local channels with dish tv

              Keep it in the neighborhood and get access to local channels with DISH TV.

              From local news to sports and everything in between, DISH Network is home to what’s happening in your community.


              Money Arrows Icon
              3-year TV price guarantee

              The only provider that guarantees your monthly TV price for three years

              Location Icon
              Local channels for no extra cost

              Stay in the know with local news and sports

              Reliability Icon
              Signal Reliability Guarantee

              A reliable signal or your money back.1


              TV & Internet with dish network in Kentucky

              Looking for TV and internet you can rely on?

              By partnering with quality internet providers such as Viasat and Frontier, DISH combines your TV plan with the perfect internet package, so you save money while getting the services you need. Viasat offers satellite internet for those living in rural areas, while Frontier gives you access to high-speed fiber internet for those who need the extra bandwidth. Bring DISH TV & internet together for the ultimate entertainment experience.



              DISH offers portable satellites for tailgaters and campers who don’t want to leave their favorite programs behind. Portable satellites let you enjoy the great outdoors while never missing a field goal or plot twist.

              Frequently Asked Questions

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              Does DISH Network have service in Kentucky?

              Yes, DISH is available in all 50 states. Availability may vary within states, though. Call us to find out if DISH Network is in your neighborhood.

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              Does Kentucky offer DISH satellite TV services?

              Your state does offer DISH Satellite TV services. In fact, every state in the U.S. has access to DISH TV. Availability may vary within states, though. Give us a call to find out if DISH satellite TV is in your area.

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              Is DISH TV available in Kentucky?

              Yes, DISH TV is available in your state. Depending on where you live, availability may vary. Contact us to see if your home location has DISH TV availability.

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              How much do DISH TV packages cost in Kentucky?

              Packages start at $79.99 a month* in your state. Call to see the cost of additional packages.

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              How much are DISH satellite TV packages in Kentucky?

              DISH satellite TV packages start at $79.99 a month and may cost as much as $109.99 a month.* Call to see which package works best for your lifestyle.

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              How much is DISH Network in Kentucky?

              DISH Network has multiple packages in your state. The America’s Top 120 Package is $79.99 a month, while the America’s Top 250 Package is $109.99 a month.* Call to find out if these packages are available in your area.

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              What is the contact number for DISH Network in Kentucky?

              You can call DISH Network in your state at 1-877-515-4096.

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              How can I reach a DISH TV representative in Kentucky?

              Call 1-877-515-4096 to reach a DISH TV representative in your state.

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              How do I contact DISH TV in Kentucky?

              Contact DISH TV in your state at 1-877-515-4096.

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              Does DISH satellite TV have internet bundles in Kentucky?

              DISH Satellite TV works with multiple internet providers, such as Viasat and Frontier, to provide high-quality internet across the country. Find out if these internet providers serve your area by calling us today.

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              Am I able to bundle internet with DISH TV in Kentucky?

              Yes, you can bundle internet with DISH TV in your state as long as the internet providers DISH works with are available in your area. DISH works with Viasat Satellite Internet and Frontier to provide access to high-speed internet.

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              Where can I find satellite TV packages available near me in Kentucky?

              You can find satellite TV packages in your state by calling us or visiting our availability page. Either way, you can have satellite TV and high-speed internet in your home in no time.

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              Does DISH TV offer any satellite and internet deals in Kentucky?

              DISH TV is always looking for ways to help you save and enjoy your entertainment. Subscribe to the DISH newsletter to stay in the loop on all the latest deals.

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              What deals does DISH Network offer in Kentucky?

              DISH Network offers a 3-year TV price guarantee, a reliable signal guarantee, and the DISH ANYWHERE App, which allows you to stream your favorite shows and recordings from a mobile device.

              Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires an internet-connected Hopper w/Sling or Hopper 3 and compatible mobile device

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              What deals are available for DISH in Kentucky?

              DISH guarantees a 3-year TV price1 so you’re not surprised by rate hikes for 36 months. They also guarantee signal reliability or your money back.