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Local Louisiana Channels

DISH in Louisiana Gives You the Local Channels You Want

Get DISH for your Louisiana home and you’ll never want to go back to cable TV. With DISH, you can watch popular local channels like FOX and NBC and still tune in to the big network shows everyone is talking about, like Dancing with the Stars and Elementary. With select DISH packages, Louisiana residents can also enjoy 3 FREE months of premium channel programming on networks like Showtime®. What’s more, qualifying packages come with HD FREE for Life®, allowing you to enjoy the highest possible picture quality without paying extra. With such an impressive channel selection, free premium programming, and HD FREE for Life®, DISH’s quality service is pretty hard to pass up. So call today to get superior home entertainment with DISH Network in Louisiana!

  • HD FREE for Life®
  • 3 Months of FREE premium channels*
Get Louisiana's Local Channels at No Extra Charge with AT 120 packages and above
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Satellite TV

Looking for Premiere Satellite TV in Louisiana? Get DISH!

Louisiana customers can get both dependable satellite Internet service and high-quality satellite TV from DISH, whether they live in the heart of Louisiana or in a more rural area. When you sign up for DISH Satellite Television, you can enjoy a wide selection of content. You also get extremely dependable service, since it bypasses the common problems of cable service and instead provides a direct connection. And because DISH packages deliver great HD-quality satellite TV service at affordable prices, you can enjoy all this entertainment without straining your budget.

Satellite TV


America’s Top 120

1194 Reviews


See 190 channels See Details

America’s Top 120 gives you your all-time favorite channels, like ESPN, MTV, Nickelodeon, TLC, and more. All your favorite channels at an affordable price.

Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

  • 190 Channels
  • Local Channels
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Channels Included in America's Top 120™


    America’s Top 120+

    1194 Reviews


    See 190+ channels See Details

    Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

    • 110+ HD Channels
    • Local Channels
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    Channels Included in America's Top 120+™
      Channels Included in  


        America’s Top 200

        2167 Reviews


        See 240+ channels See Details

        Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

        • 125+ HD Channels
        • Local Channels
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        Channels Included in America's Top 200™


          America’s Top 250

          668 Reviews


          See 290+ channels See Details

          America’s Top 250 provides you with over 290+ channels with networks like DIY, Nicktoons, Encore, and Fox Movie Channel, with all the amazing benefits and channels of the 120+ and 200+ packages. Get the most bang for your buck!

          Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

          • 140+ HD Channels
          • Local Channels
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          Channels Included in America's Top 250™
            Channels Included in  
              Channels Included in  

                DISH TV Specials

                Discover DISH’s Special Offers in Your Area

                Take your TV experience to the next level with DISH! When you sign up for DISH service, installation is FREE for the first 6 rooms of your Louisiana home. You can even get next day installation in select areas. Improve your viewing experience with theHopper® 3 Smart DVR and the DISH Anywhere app. These features give you greater flexibility with your home entertainment, allowing you to schedule your DVR on-the-go, record up to six shows at once, and watch live and recorded content like NCIS: LA from just about anywhere. Want to learn more? Give us a call today!

                • FREE DISH Anywhere™ App

                DISH Packages vs. the Competition

                BEST CHOICE
                Dish Network

                DISH vs. DIRECTV in Louisiana

                Is your Louisiana household craving better home entertainment? If so, you’re sure to find everything you need with DISH. DISH satellite TV service offers more channels than you’d get with DIRECTV®, as well as more advanced technology, which gives you the freedom to record, store, and watch your favorite shows on your own schedule. Take the Hopper® 3 Smart DVR, for example. Widely considered the most high-tech DVR system currently available, this device can record up to 16 shows at once and has the capacity to store up to 500 hours’ worth of HD content. The Hopper 3 also comes with an advanced remote that features voice recognition and an illuminated touchpad for easy searching. Compare that to DIRECTV’s Genie® DVR, which offers just 200 hours’ worth of HD storage, can record only five shows at a time, and features no advanced remote options. And to top it all off, DISH offers HD FREE for Life®, so you can enjoy even more of the HD programming you love without breaking the bank. When you take everything into account, it’s clear that the competition doesn’t come close to matching all that DISH in Louisiana can provide.