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Watch all your favorite cable shows, plus you get SHOWTIME® & DISH Movie Pack for 3 months at no extra cost

Local Maine Channels

Get Your Local Channels with DISH in Maine

Want better TV service for your home in Maine, with higher-quality picture and more channels? If so, look no further than DISH. With a qualifying DISH package, you can enjoy your favorite HD channels without having to pay more, thanks to DISH’s HD FREE for Life® offer. And with DISH, you can catch The Bachelor, 2 Broke Girls, and other big-name network shows, as well as local programming on your favorite Maine channels, like NBC and FOX. Not to mention, certain DISH packages also get you premium channel access FREE for 3 months. That means you’ll get more of your favorite shows on such networks as Showtime®. With all that DISH Network has to offer, your old cable TV service is sure to pale in comparison, so give us a call today!

  • HD FREE for Life®
  • 3 Months of FREE premium channels*
Get Maine's Local Channels at No Extra Charge with AT 120 packages and above
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Satellite TV

DISH brings Premium Satellite TV to Maine

DISH offers high-quality HD satellite TV virtually everywhere, so if you’re looking for great entertainment in Maine, turn to DISH Satellite Television. Satellite TV packages come with plenty of options and are priced affordably. Plus, choosing DISH means you don’t have to deal with frustrating cable outages. DISH also offers fast, dependable satellite Internet service, so you can play games, access your favorite online content, and stay connected with friends and family.

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America’s Top 120

190 channels
1194 Reviews


See 190 channelsSee 190 channels

Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

  • 60+ HD Channels
  • Local Channels
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Channels Included in America's Top 120™


    America’s Top 120+

    190+ channels
    1194 Reviews


    See 190+ channelsSee 190+ channels

    Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

    • 110+ HD Channels
    • Local Channels
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    Channels Included in America's Top 120+™
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        America’s Top 200

        240+ channels
        2167 Reviews


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        Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

        • 125+ HD Channels
        • Local Channels
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        Channels Included in America's Top 200™


          America’s Top 250

          290+ channels
          668 Reviews


          See 290+ channelsSee 290+ channels

          Plus, you’ll get great deals when you order your package:

          • 140+ HD Channels
          • Local Channels
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          Channels Included in America's Top 250™
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                It doesn’t matter how small your town is, or how far away it is from Portland or Lewiston or Bangor. Wherever you live in the great state of Maine, DISH offers reliable TV service through satellite technology. And with any DISH plan, you can watch college sports live through winter, muddy spring, and full-on summer.

                Plus, DISH packages come with mobile viewing included in the price, so you can watch college sports not just from home, but from virtually anywhere. You just need the FREE DISH Anywhere app and access to Wi-Fi or mobile data to stream NCAA sports on TV from all across Maine:

                • In the school parking lot, while waiting for your kids to come out to the four-wheeler
                • At Dysart’s, while chowing down on a couple red hot dogs
                • On the side of the road, while waiting out a moose loitering in the street
                • In the passenger seat, to calm yourself after a Massachusetts driver inevitably cuts off the family car
                • At the cabin, after a long day of swimming and fishing
                • At your cousin’s house
                • At your second cousin’s house
                • At your third cousin’s house
                • Virtually anywhere else in the 207 area and 16 counties

                Get DISH today and start watching the Maine Black Bears play NCAA football, basketball, ice hockey, and baseball against other colleges and universities.

                DISH TV Specials

                Discover Special Offers from DISH in Your Area

                Get DISH, and you’ll revolutionize your home entertainment experience. Does your favorite show air at a time when you can’t watch? No problem! The Hopper® 3 Smart DVR lets you record multiple shows simultaneously so that you can watch them whenever you have time. Plus, with the DISH Anywhere app, you can program your DVR from your computer or other web-enabled devices, then watch live or recorded shows while you’re on-the-go. That means you don’t have to worry about missing a single episode of The Muppets or any of the season’s other top hits. And not only is installation of your DISH services FREE in up to six rooms of your home, but Maine residents can often take advantage of next day installation as well. With so many features and benefits available, there’s never been a better time to switch to DISH, so call now to learn more about the packages being offered in your area of Maine!

                • FREE DISH Anywhere™ App

                DISH SPORTS

                Your Favorite Teams in Maine–On DISH!

                Want premium coverage of your favorite Pine Tree State teams? You can get a front-row seat to all the action with DISH in Maine. DISH Network’s Multi-Sport Pack delivers in-depth sports coverage that makes it easy to keep up with the Celtics, the Red Sox, the Patriots, and your other favorite teams. And with all the pro football action you get with NFL RedZone, it’s almost better than cheering for Tom Brady from the 50-yard line at Gillette Stadium! Plus, with DISH in Maine, you don’t have to miss a second of the action, as you get coverage of your favorite teams on both national network channels and local Maine stations. So call today to get the latest sports action with DISH!

                DISH Packages vs. the Competition

                BEST CHOICE
                Dish Network

                DISH vs. DIRECTV in Maine

                Everybody wants great programming, but without the right tech, your viewing experience may still be lackluster. That’s why DISH offers the award-winning Hopper® 3 Smart DVR. While DIRECTV®’s Genie® DVR can record just 5 shows at a time and store up to 200 hours of HD programming, the Hopper 3 can use its 16 tuners to record up to 16 shows simultaneously, and it has enough storage space for 500 hours of HD content. Plus, if your schedule makes it difficult to be home long enough to watch your favorite show, you can use the DISH Anywhere™ app to watch 100% of your live channels and recorded content on-the-go. DIRECTV just can’t match features like that! So why wait? Get the home entertainment provider that other services in Maine just can’t match—sign up for DISH satellite TV today.