Watch Minonk Sports with DISH TV

Are you a football fanatic? If so, you’ll love DISH Network’s Multi-Sport Pack, which includes NFL RedZone. NFL RedZone allows your Minonk household to enjoy exclusive access to interview and commentary on your favorite teams. You’ll get such quality coverage, you’ll feel like you’re watching Jay Cutler and the Chicago Bears from the 50-yard line at Soldier Field—every game!

Of course, the Multi-Sport Pack gets you more than just football coverage. Minonk fans can enjoy coverage of the Chicago Bulls, the Chicago Cubs, and all their other favorite The Prairie State teams. And it doesn’t matter if the game is broadcast on a local Minonk station or a network channel—you’ll get all the highlights and reports from your favorite teams when you switch to DISH! To get more details on the DISH sports packages available in your area, get in touch with us today.