Tune into Live Iowa Favorites with a Sports Pack

Don’t worry about game-day travel or season tickets—get a sports pack from DISH instead. You can enjoy professional, collegiate, and amateur sports from the comfort of your Davenport home with Sport Pack options like these Iowa favorites:

NFL Network

Get the Multi-Sport Pack

Catch every Thursday Night Football game live on NFL Network and watch every touchdown from every game on Sunday afternoons on NFL Redzone.

University of Iowa Hawkeyes

Get the Multi-Sport Pack

Tune into channels like Big Ten Network, Fox Sports Networks, and SEC Network3 to watch all the Iowa Hawkeyes’ action.

Iowa Speedway

Get the Multi-Sport Pack

If you love Indycar and NASCAR events, you need the Multi-Sport Pack. Select races previously aired on FOX Sports 1.3

Prairie Meadows Racetrack

Get Racetrack Television Network

Whether you enjoy watching quarter horses, thoroughbreds, or hounds race towards victory, the Racetrack Television Network has what you need.4