Watch Seldovia Sports with DISH TV

In The Land of the Midnight Sun, sports fans proudly support their favorite local teams. Of course, the biggest fans in Seldovia know that DISH is their ticket to all the sports action they crave.

With DISH in Seldovia, you get game day coverage that makes you feel like you’re watching Russel Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks play live at CenturyLink Field. NFL fans will appreciate the comprehensive football coverage featured on NFL RedZone, which comes with other great sports coverage as part of the DISH Multi-Sport Pack. With this package, baseball and basketball fans can catch games and highlights from such professional teams as the Portland Trail Blazers and the New York Yankees. You won’t have to miss a single game, either, as DISH delivers coverage from both your local stations and national sports networks. So pick up the phone and call today to find out more about the sports packages available from DISH Network!