compare streaming sticks vs streaming boxes

Streaming sticks are affordable, lightweight, portable, and offer an easy way to stream with a discreet connection behind your TV. Streaming sticks are easier to install than boxes and don’t require cables, getting their power from USB ports.

  • Experience the same interface as a streaming box, for half the price.
  • Take it on business, on family trips, or switch it to different TVs in your home.
  • They are less expensive, running from $35, $39, and $50, respectively.
compare streaming boxes vs streaming sticks

Streaming boxes hold more data and have more power. But they’re more expensive. Boxes also connect via the Ethernet cable, which makes them a little more reliable for an uninterrupted connection while you’re watching your favorite shows. They feature an optical audio out port, which makes for better sound quality.

  • Accommodate more storage, apps, and advanced games
  • HD quality, with less interruption in connectivity