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Take the Entertainment with You: Watch DISH on the Go

Use your laptop for more than just your workload. Watch DISH on your laptop or mobile device for added mobility to your entertainment. The DISH Anywhere app gives you access to your TV account, so you can stream 80,000 On Demand titles, stay up to date on the news with Live TV, or watch your recorded shows you’ve been saving for later.
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Watch DISH from Your Desktop

Video conferencing and spreadsheets may make up a lot of the time spent on your desktop, but when you need a reset, turn to your top network favorites. Use the free DISH Anywhere app so you can watch customized DISH entertainment from your desktop and unwind with the content you want.

Watch Anywhere on Any Device

No matter what device you favor for your entertainment, the DISH Anywhere app can make it happen. Need a break from work? Stream from the 80K On Demand title library on your desktop. Traveling for business or pleasure? Catch the game on your laptop in comfort. Stuck in line? Access your DVR recordings from your mobile phone to pass the time.



Mobile device

family watching DISH on laptop

DISH Anytime, DISH Anywhere

DISH Anywhere puts the power back in your hands—control how, when, and where you get your entertainment. The DISH streaming app is free to DISH subscribers and unlocks the best in TV—from Live TV to DVR control. Access programs, titles, and recordings anywhere you want.

DISH Network Anywhere combined with your DISH subscription provides you and your household the must-have TV content you want. Customize your package to what you want and explore your new TV options today.