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Happy to connect with you. Whenever. Whatever.

Our nationwide team of professional technicians stands ready to provide prompt, courteous installation service while respecting your home. We work hard to make sure you’re perfectly connected, both outside and inside your residence. Questions? Call 1-844-800-7487

Configuration, installation and support

The minute you place your order, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Please check to make sure all your information is correct.

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We'll reach out to you the day before your appointment with an estimate of our arrival. You may view the status here.

Before your technician arrives

We'll reach out to you the day before your appointment with an estimate of our arrival. You may view the status here.

On installation day

Make sure there's someone home who is over 18 and that there's a clear path to the TV. Our technician will walk you through everything before starting.

TV mounting, surround sound and network setup

You need not be a DISH subscriber to get the best service in the industry. We do the tough stuff that you may not have the time or skills to do.

Smart Phone Repair

Broken phone screen? Phone Battery Dead? We can fix that for you and we’ll meet you anywhere that's convenient for you.


We come to you. At home, at work, at the gym. We’ll repair your phone wherever you want. Our technicians are licensed, insured, and just all-around nice people. We offer same or next day repairs depending on when you request your appointment.

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TV Setup

Ensure your TV is secure —on a stand or on a wall —with real techs, not some guys in a truck.


Stand Installation

We install the stand and professionally connect everything. You just sit yourself down and switch on the remote when we’re done. Only $99.99.

Wall Installation

We securely mount the TV anywhere you want, hide the wiring and make it beautiful. Your job? Call your friends over for a TV party. As low as $199.99.

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Surround Sound

Listen up! Enjoy Cinema Surround Sound and XM radio, installed by sound professionals.


Speaker Installation

In-wall wiring for two speakers. Rock out, but still be classy. Only $99.99.

Home theater setup

No in-wall wiring. Optimal sound for your room. Great for games, too! Only $199.99.

Home theater install

In-wall wiring for an elegant entertainment environment. Only $399.99.

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We don’t call ‘em technicians for nuthin’. Our team is certified to get you on the interwebs.


Wireless network setup

Even if you’re that hipster “I don’t own a TV” guy, DISH has your back. We’ll set up a home network and connect up to 4 devices. Only $99.99.

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Although DISH is superior to cable in general, we do carry all the cables and mounts with us.



Our technicians can sell you just the equipment. Do it yourself, big shot. As Low As $49.99.


We already made the cable joke once, but it’s funny. We have a lot of cables. $19.99 and Up.

Screen Cleaner

HD does not mean “Heavy Dust.” Protect your investment. Just $15.99.