Whole-Home HD DVR

Connect all your devices so you can seamlessly move what you're watching from one TV to another.

Connect your Whole-Home

Hopper 3 lets you do some incredible things, like watch and record up to 16 shows at once, or watch any 4 HD channels at the same time with the MultiView split-screen feature. With built-in 4K Ultra HD, a new guide, and incredibly fast navigation, it’s no wonder Hopper 3 has been called “the most ludicrously powerful cable box ever.” Learn More

Share the experience of your Hopper with other TVs in your home with our secondary receivers. Access one central DVR with all your recordings and complete access to all your Hopper apps from anywhere in the house. You can even start watching a movie in one room and finish in another. Learn More

Bring TV to every corner of your home – without wires. Get all the live, recorded, and On Demand TV from your Hopper DVR in remote places like your garage, basement, patio, or any room, thanks to the Wireless Joey.

Seamlessly watch all your TV from any room

Our award-winning Whole-Home HD DVR and secondary receivers connect your entire home, with HD in every room, without skipping a beat. When it gets late, simply move from the living room to the bedroom with ease: start watching in one room, pause, and resume watching in another room. We make it easy to watch what you want in any room without having to think about what room you recorded the show in or remember where you paused watching – with DISH, every recording is available in every room, at any time. Say goodbye to recording conflicts too. DISH gives you the ability record 16 programs at once, even while watching multiple DVR recordings on all of your TVs at the same time and share all of those DVR recordings on every TV.

Don’t settle for an inferior experience

With DISH, you don’t want to have to learn a different way of using your TV in every room of the house and you shouldn’t have to. With our Whole-Home DVR system, we’ve made watching TV relaxing and enjoyable, just the way it should be, with technological advancements that actually make it easier for you. You’ll be able to record, play, pause, resume, delete programs and more from any room without having to learn a new system. You can also do those things from your phone or tablet with DISH Anywhere. You’ll also get access to PrimeTime Anytime and AutoHop on all of your TVs to automatically record primetime shows and instantly skip commercials when you watch. You’ll have the same guide, menus, layout, apps, and search features on all of your TVs, whether they’re your main DVR or your secondary receivers, for the same exceptional experience in every room.

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"The most ludicrously powerful DVR box ever"

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