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Voice Remote Control

Now you can simply tell your remote what you want to watch and it's on!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I start using voice control on my DISH receivers?

  • Voice Remote with the Google Assistant: Simply press and hold the microphone button on the DISH Voice Remote and speak clearly to change the channel, pause programming, record your favorite show and access your Google Assistant. The Voice Remote is included with all new installations at no extra cost. Already a customer? Click here to get a voice remote!
  • Amazon Alexa: After following setup instructions for your Amazon Alexa device, initiate the conversation with your Alexa device as usual (“Alexa”) and tell your Alexa device to change the channel, pause programming, record your favorite show and more. Don’t worry, your Alexa device will maintain all other functionality even after it has been integrated with your DISH receiver.
  • Works with Google Home Device: Your DISH receivers also work with your Google Home devices. After following setup instructions for your Google Home device, initiate the conversation with your Google Home device as usual (“Hey Google”) and tell your Google Home device to change the channel, pause programming, record your favorite show and more. Don’t worry, your Google Home device will maintain all other functionality even after it has been integrated with your DISH receiver.

What can these devices do?

  • Change the channel – Just say the name or number of your favorite channel!
  • Control what you’re watching – Pause, resume, skip forward or backward, all with your voice.
  • Search for shows and movies – Just say the name of your favorite actor or genre or search directly for your favorite content.
  • Schedule recordings – Use your voice to set recordings for what you are watching or for shows and movies coming up soon!
  • Launch Apps – DISH has a variety of apps that are integrated directly into our receivers, like Netflix and YouTube, that can be accessed through voice control technology.

How do I get a voice control device?

  • Voice Remote with the Google Assistant: The DISH Voice Remote is included at no extra charge with the purchase of your package. Already have DISH, but don’t have a voice remote? Click Here
  • Amazon Alexa: Available for purchase on Amazon or where electronics are sold.
  • Google Home: Available in the Google Store or where electronics are sold.

What if I already have a device? Do I need anything else to set it up?

  • Setting up your device is quick and easy. You will not need to purchase any additional equipment other than what is included with each device. Review the equipment requirements below and then simply follow the steps for your device on to begin your DISH entertainment experience.
  • Equipment Requirements:
  • Website Requirements:
    • Safari
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Internet Explorer (10 or higher)
    • Echo Dot connects to dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) networks that use the 802.11a/b/g/n standard. Echo Dot does not connect to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) networks.

What are the differences between these devices?

  • Voice Control: Your DISH Voice Remote comes with unique features that make it easy and convenient to use.
    • Backlit buttons: The buttons on your remote are backlit and will light up automatically to allow for easy channel changing even in a dark room.
    • Customizable Buttons: Make your remote your own by choosing two custom functions that are accessible with a single button press.
    • Access the Google Assistant directly on the DISH Voice Remote. No additional devices needed.
  • Alexa and Google Assistant Devices: Speak to your devices without lifting a finger.

Why do I want Hands-Free TV™?

  • Hands-Free TV™ no need to search for the remote or stop what you’re doing.
    • Easily change the channel while folding laundry or cleaning the kitchen without skipping a beat.
  • Show off for your friends and family.
    • Show the latest in DISH technology and how it makes your viewing experience the best it can be.
  • Family entertainment to try different commands and other games on the devices.
  • Get the most out of your technology.
    • Voice enabled devices make it easy to quickly browse upcoming shows, record your favorites, and find the information you need.
    • We are constantly improving our product capabilities with the help of our partners to provide you with the most comprehensive entertainment experience.

Which DISH receivers work with these voice control devices?

  • Use any of the voice control options from DISH with your Hopper-family receivers (All generations of Hopper, all generations of Joey) or Wally receiver.

Can it work from room to room?

  • Your Google Assistant integration can control any receiver in your home. Use the nickname or room that you assigned to your receiver during set up and specify that receiver during your request. For example, “Hey Google, change the channel to ESPN in the Bedroom.”
  • Your Alexa integration is a pairing directly from one Alexa device to a single DISH device. To pair a different DISH receiver to your Alexa device, unpair and repair your system.
  • The Voice remote will only work with the receiver it is synced with. In order to use the voice remote from room to room the remote would need to be synced to the desired receiver each time.

Does voice control work with my device?

  • Luckily, our integrations work with any device that has the Google Assistant or Alexa built in. Just follow the same setup instructions and you’re all set.
DISH’s legacy of customer service continues as we enhance our technician health-safety training for added peace of mind

As the nation responds to the spread of COVID-19, DISH has taken additional measures to ensure that our customers and team members remain safe, healthy, and connected to vital news, information, and entertainment.

Throughout our history, DISH customers have always come first. DISH has been ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Power and our customers for two years in a row, with top rankings in individual categories, including Courtesy and Professionalism of In-Home Technicians. That legacy of commitment to customer service will continue throughout this pandemic, and DISH has taken active steps to maintain your ability to sign up for DISH service and protect you and your family during technician visits and in the DISH installation process.

Our professional technicians have received enhanced training on critical health-safety procedures, including those recommended by the CDC to promote cleanliness and to help prevent the spread of illness.

  • As always, if technicians have a known illness, they will not visit a customer’s home.
  • Work orders will be signed using a unique pin so you won't need to touch the tech’s phone or tablet while on-site.
  • DISH is equipping technicians with personal protective equipment (PPE) – including masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, and shoe covers – for use while inside your home.
  • Our technicians will wear face coverings and shoe covers inside your home. 
  • Technicians will take enhanced cleaning measures to sanitize all surfaces they come in contact with and all equipment installed in your home.
  • Technicians will wash their hands with soap and water or use hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol content.
  • Technicians will refrain from leaving behind paper manuals or equipment packaging unless desired by customers.

We know how important television is to you and your loved ones, so our professional technicians will continue to work in a clean, safe manner consistent with our commitment to customer service.

Additionally, we are proud to support the increased connectivity needs of Americans in these uncertain times by providing AT&T and T-Mobile with our wireless network at no cost.

By working together and treating each other with care, America will endure these challenging times. All of us here at DISH remain committed to serving, entertaining, informing and connecting America.