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DISH Signal Reliability

Unbeatable reception, picture and reliability

The last thing you want to worry about when it’s time to watch TV is your signal. We changed that, now all you need to worry about is what to watch first on our huge selection of channels because DISH has 99% signal reliability, based on a nationwide study of our customers.

No need to check the forecast

We do everything to make sure your signal is as strong as possible. Occasionally, something like very heavy rain or snow could cause a brief interruption in signal quality, but those instances are rare and typically very brief. If this were to happen regularly, we can inspect your system for damage and make sure your system is back to running at peak performance as soon as possible.

Satellite TV Signal Reception Map

The truth is satellite is more reliable than cable

We’ve heard some people believe cable is more reliable than satellite. That’s just not true: all TV, even cable, travels through satellite before it reaches you. Cable also has issues that satellite doesn’t with the most common problems coming from underground cables getting cut by construction activity or homeowner maintenance, branches falling on overhead cables or other weather related problems. Those issues take a repairman to come out, evaluate and fix the problem, leaving you without TV.

See what our customers say

Satellite picks up good during storms and more channels to watch for a cheaper price than cable. Very satisfied! !!” - John O.

I have had Dish for 10 years now and never had any major issues. My friends that have Cox or Direct TV say their cable freezes and more when there is storms. Well mine never does and if it EVER does freeze it resets by itself but for me personally it’s the Best.” - Gladys C., Phoenix, AZ

Do not have problems when it rains like other cable co.” - Lori R., Houston, TX

Dish is very reliable, unlike cable service which is prone to failure during storms. Dish is very easy to use; has a channel with hints, how-to's , etc.” Kenneth D., Los Angeles, CA

Was skeptical about leaving cable with all the rumors about reception issues and outages during rain on Satellite. Could not be more pleased as it turns out.” - Dan H. Dallas, TX

Much more reliable than cable and never had any issues with weather.” - Elizabeth R. Yakima, WA

Reliability has improved greatly over the many years I have had dish. Our latest wind/snow storm the neighbors were all without cable, but I was watching TV just fine!” - Wendy C., Rochester, NY