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Americas Top 250 package channels on DISH

America’s Top 250

Discover whole continents of entertainment in our largest satellite TV package.

  • 2-Year TV Price Guarantee
  • All of America’s Top 200 and more plus 17 movie channels, with Turner Classic Movies, The Movie Channel, and others
  • Additional channels, including Bloomberg, Nicktoons and Nat Geo Wild
  • ESPN, Local Channels, NFL Network, and Regional Sports included
  • Free premium channels for 3 months***
  • Free HD for Life
  • Over 36,000 free On Demand titles
  • Over 70 Sirius XM Music Channels
  • Free standard professional installation available as soon as tomorrow

America's Top 250 channel lineup

Happy Family of four watching DISH America's Top 250

It doesn’t get much bigger

What’s in America’s Top 250? Everything in the souped-up America’s Top 200 package, plus an assortment of channels featuring news, adventure, sports, and kids’ programming—along with a whopping 17 more channels for movies. America’s Top 250 covers a huge portion of the television landscape. See the channel lineup in the America’s Top 250 package. Compare side-by-side with our other packages.

America's Top 250 channel list on DISH Anywhere

More than what's on TV

What else do you get when you subscribe to America’s Top 250? Along with a vast selection of high quality television entertainment, you get a guaranteed price of $99.99/month for two years. And, like other DISH packages, you get free HD service for life. Over 8000 free On-Demand titles. Premium movie channels free for three months. Rotating free channel previews. And free standard installation of your satellite TV equipment.