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Catch all the biggest sports updates with ESPN on DISH

When you want to watch the biggest games in professional sports, you know you can expect to find them on ESPN. Whether it’s a live broadcast or scores and highlights, DISH channel 140 is your go-to. Find major league baseball, NFL football, NBA basketball, soccer, and more. Plus news and highlights with the most entertaining personalities on all of television.

ESPN TV package options

DISH has lots of package options to find a deal on ESPN. ESPN is included in all our America’s Top packages, from America’s Top 120 and above. Subscribe now , and we’ll guarantee you pay the same price for two years. Find the satellite TV package that’s right for you. For die hard sports fans, DISH has sports add-on packages as well. See all the sports coverage you can get.

DISH tech for sports fans

Not only does DISH have all the sports coverage you could want. We give you the best ways to stay on top of it with the Hopper 3. You can watch four games at once in Sports Bar Mode. This is the perfect feature for college football Saturdays and NFL Sundays. If you’re tuned to one game, you can pull up the Gamefinder app and see scores across all sports in real time.

The worldwide leader in sports, everywhere

Watch ESPN everywhere you go, on DISH Anywhere. It allows you to access all your live TV on a computer, tablet or smartphone, plus a library of on-demand programming. If you’re on the road when the big game is on, or even if you just want to put the game on while you’re cooking dinner, DISH Anywhere is a handy go-to option. Just sign in and bask in the high quality broadcast.