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The biggest leagues and tournaments

With beIN Sports, you’ll have access to the top leagues around the world. Watch games from the Spanish Primera Division, the Premier League, Italian Series A, and others, plus the World Cup, the European Cup, and other tournaments. Get live and recorded coverage of tennis, motorsports, MMA, and other competitive sports in the U.S. and around the world.

News and analysis

Not only will you find the biggest, most dynamic international sports leagues and tournaments on beIN. You’ll find news and analysis to match. When you’re wondering what to make of it all, or even just looking for scores and highlights, beIN has you covered. It’s not every sports channel that can promise to catch you up on scores and highlights from around the world in just a half an hour, but that’s exactly what beIN does—several times a day. From international soccer to rugby to team handball, beIN commentators give you the closest look you can get to games that happened half a world away.

How to get it

All it takes is a phone call or a few clicks. When you want to add soccer, rugby, and motorsport to your lineup with beIN on DISH, you have a few options. You can upgrade your current package to America’s Top 250 Along with beIN Sports, you’ll get a boatload of movie channels and a wide array of other sports, outdoors , and adventure programming. Your other option is to add our Multi-Sport pack to your current package. The Multi-Sport pack has 35 sports networks, including 20 for regional sports.

When you’ve added beIN Sports to your channel lineup, you can watch it on DISH Network channel 392. Remember, you can navigate to beIN Sports with ease when you use the DISH voice remote.

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