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We’re all about providing Infinitely Better™ Wireless. Shop the latest and greatest devices at the best rate and experience superfast 5G on America’s Smart Network™.

Boost Infinite iPhone Offer

Infinitely BetterTM Wireless

Expect the best phone, best value and best network – nothing less.

The Latest iPhone. Every Year.

Get the latest iPhone every year & unlimited wireless for $60/mo.

No trade-in required to get started.


Infinite Access for iPhone

  • No trade-in needed to get started
  • Latest iPhone every year
  • Unlimited talk, text & data
  • Access to America’s Smart NetworkTM
  • Mexico & Canada talk, text & data
  • Talk & text to over 200 global destinations


Infinite Unlimited & Infinite Unlimited+

Access unlimited talk, text & data on one of America's top 5G networks. Add up to 5 lines per account and customize with Add-Ons anytime. All backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Smart Coverage

Smart coverage is exactly as it sounds – an unmatched experience that feels completely separate from the networks of today. Because it is. 

*Specific iPhone models may not be available. Prices vary based on iPhone model selected. Offer and Offer Terms subject to modification or termination at any time in Boost Infinite’s sole discretion. Taxes on full pre-credit retail price of phone (the “List Price”) and first month’s payment due at sale. Monthly $60 fee includes unlimited talk, text and data and any iPhone 15 family model up to $829.99 and does not include taxes, regulatory fees or surcharges. iPhone 15 models over $829.99 will result in an additional monthly fee. Autopay required. Available only for qualified customers who finance any iPhone 15 family model on the Infinite Access for iPhone plan; other phones are not eligible. Switching plans may cause you to lose current plan or feature benefits. Max 5 lines. If customer fails to activate the iPhone on Boost Infinite Access for iPhone wireless service plan within 30 days following the date the iPhone is purchased, Boost Infinite will charge customer full List Price of the purchased iPhone using the payment method on file . Customers using more than 30GB of data allotment may experience slower speeds. Unlimited data in US only. Coverage not available in some areas; Boost infinite is not responsible for its’ partners’ networks. Customers are eligible for annual upgrade from Boost Infinite (i.e., each year that they remain on the Infinite Access for iPhone plan) to a qualifying phone after making full payment of at least 12 scheduled monthly payments and maintaining active service in good standing (including, without limitation, current in your payments) for such year. Upgrade requires trade-in to Boost Infinite of current Infinite Access for iPhone plan phone (must be the same IMEI as the phone specified in customer’s finance agreement or, if applicable, replacement phone provided pursuant to a valid Boost Protect claim) in acceptable condition as set forth in the Boost Infinite Terms and Conditions. Failure to return current phone will result in customer being charged the entire remaining balance on that phone. 36-Month Finance Agreement: Boost Infinite Access for iPhone plan requires a 36-month finance agreement with Boost Infinite for the phone included, upgrading ends current financing agreement and any device promotion or deposit reimbursement credits and begins new 36-month financing agreement. Monthly bill credits up to $829.99 (amount may vary, check detail page for latest pricing) which will be applied in equal amounts over a 36-month period depending on current promotion and model of iPhone customer chooses as long as customer remains active in good standing on the Boost Infinite Access for iPhone plan. If customer’s Boost Infinite Access for iPhone plan is canceled, terminated or suspended (including cancellation by customer), credits are forfeited and customer will be immediately responsible for the outstanding balance due on the Finance Agreement. See finance agreement for full details. Early payment forfeits remaining credits. Customer is not required to upgrade and trade-in their phone every year to participate in the Infinite Access for iPhone plan. North America Connect: Enrolled customers receive 5GB of data per month while roaming in Mexico and Canada, Unlimited talk, text across North America while roaming, plus unlimited talk and text from the US to Mexico and Canada. Customer must reside in the U.S. and primary usage must occur in the US. International Connect: Allows enrolled customers to talk and text to more than 200 countries in accordance with the International Long Distance Consumer Agreement (Maximum usage varies by country, click here for limits and for more information about International Connect, click here.) Offer terms are in addition to, and in no way limitation of, Boost Infinite Terms and Conditions.