When you switch to DISH, ask about Hughesnet high-speed satellite internet with faster speeds, unlimited data* and Wi-Fi 6 technology. Call today to learn more!

The new Hughesnet is here!


Powered by JUPITER 3 - the largest, most advanced commercial communications satellite ever built.



Hughesnet now delivers a faster and more reliable internet service so you can stay connected, wherever you live. With download speeds up to 100 Mbps and upload speeds of 5 Mbps, satellite internet has never been faster. Enjoy whole-home Wi-Fi with the latest Wi-Fi 6 standards and optional Mesh Wi-Fi nods for wall-to-wall coverage. With the new Hughesnet, you can stay connected to loved ones, friends, and the world like never before!



The new Hughesnet is faster than ever with unlimited data* included in every plan so you'll never get cut off or pay overage fees. This means you can stream HD video, perfect to pair with your DISH service, as well as enjoy gaming and video conferencing. With enhanced reliability and low latency, you can count on your internet to work when you need it with Hughesnet.



Only the Hughesnet Fusion** plan combines the reach of satellite with the responsiveness of low-latency wireless, so you can enjoy gaming and playing online like never before. Get more fun out of your internet experience!

Unlock More DISH Features


Connect your Hopper to the internet to unlock streaming apps and the Voice Remote, plus thousands of movies and shows on demand!


*Standard Data may be slower than other traffic during high-traffic periods.

**Hughesnet and Hughesnet Fusion are registered trademarks and JUPITER is a trademark of Hughes Network Systems, LLC, an EchoStar company.

Minimum term required. Monthly service and early termination fees apply. Visit legal.hughesnet.com for details.