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Get the Best Deals on TV and Internet

DISH can get you internet-connected through our partners in your neighborhood with the value you expect. Whether we connect you with cable, fiber, or satellite internet services, you can do all the browsing and streaming you like. See TV and internet deals you’re eligible for when you call or enter your ZIP code.

DISH Bundles provide internet and TV to multiple devices

DISH TV and Internet packages bring it all together

Save money on TV and internet service when you order them together from DISH. There are lots of ways you can customize your DISH TV and internet service to suit your needs. We have the best value in TV, the best service in the industry, and the most technologically-advanced but simple-to-use equipment.

Stream TV on Devices with DISH Bundles

Two-Year Price Guarantee

When you order a DISH bundle, your TV price is locked in for two years. Guaranteed and hassle-free, with the convenience of bundling TV and internet services. Call or enter your ZIP Code to learn about your options!

Tv bundle

TV Unbundled

You can get DISH TV plus fast and affordable internet without committing to a bundle! Get nationwide TV coverage with 99% signal reliability and our promise of a 2-year TV price guarantee. DISH has you covered with 24/7 live technical support, built-in Netflix, and the most awarded equipment in the industry—with a free voice remote and a DVR included with your package.

Watch Defenders with DISH Netflix on Hopper

Benefits of an Internet-Connected Hopper

The Hopper 3 is the most technologically-advanced DVR but we made it simple to use with even more features available when it’s connected to the internet. Use popular apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Pandora on your TV through the Hopper 3—no need to connect another device. Watch 100% of your live and recorded TV anywhere. Plus you can control your TV without a remote when you pair the Hopper 3 with Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

Requires credit qualification, 2-year commitment with early termination fee and purchase of qualifying DISH TV package. Internet speeds and availability may vary based on location