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Game Finder allows for easy searching of all live and upcoming sports games, plus sports scores and stats.


Game Finder keeps you tuned into your favorite sports

We all know how it feels to miss a big play. Game Finder lets you track multiple games at once across different leagues so you never have to miss any of the action again. Skip the mindless channel surfing and stay on top of every other game that's being played with Game Finder’s real time scores. Want to tune in to a specific game? No problem, just click “watch” on that game from the Game Finder app and you’ll be right in the action*.

Use Game Finder to track your favorite teams

Use Game Finder to tag your favorite teams from every major league and conference. This handy sports TV app lets you track scores from all your favorite teams in one place, no matter which game you're watching. Receive alerts about your teams when something happens, or schedule recordings and reminders for upcoming games.

Game Finder tracks every game

Want to watch your team but keep tabs on everything else going on in the league? Game Finder has you covered. Game Finder shows live scores and stats for all the games currently being played and lets you view scores and stats for games that have already finished. Check up on the stats of your fantasy team or schedule recordings for upcoming games within the Game Finder app, all without having to take your eyes of the screen showing your favorite team.

How to use DISH Game Finder

To use Game Finder, simply press the Apps button on the remote for your Internet-connected Hopper, then select the Game Finder app. In just a few moments, you're ready to go. For other great ways to improve your television experience, take a look at our different TV Applications.

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*Available for new and existing customers only. Restrictions may apply to availability. Blackout restrictions may apply to collegiate sports programming on out-of-market networks. Games subject to local blackout. Games in high definition require HD television receiver - fee may apply to upgrade. Subject to change without notice. Games available on game finder reflect the games airing on DISH.