Android TV Apps

Watch TV and manage your account anywhere on your Android device

DISH Android applications keep you connected

At DISH, we have two missions. The first is to bring you all the entertainment you could want. The second is convenience. DISH Android applications are part of both of those missions. They bring you libraries of entertainment wherever you are on your mobile device. And they bring you the convenience of managing your account at any time.

Entertainment with the DISH Anywhere Android app

The DISH Anywhere service just might be the most versatile invention for TV watchers since the remote control. The DISH Anywhere app for your phone or tablet gives you instant access to live TV as well as an on-demand library of thousands of titles on your Android device. Enjoy the shows and movies that matter to you wherever you are, whenever you’re on the go using the DISH Anywhere Android app.

Convenience with the MyDISH Android app

Take care of your DISH account wherever you are with the MyDISH Android app. You can do things like order a pay-per-view movie to watch on your phone — or when you get home. And you can pull up your account payment history and make a payment if you need to. You can manage your TV package. You can manage your email notifications. The little things and the big things.

Track your technician

When you make an appointment with a DISH technician, you can track them as they make their way to your home on the MyDISH Android app. You can even schedule your appointment through the MyDISH Android app, or find other ways to get in touch with our renowned customer service team. TV service does not get more convenient.


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