Voice Remote Control

Now you can simply tell your remote what you want to watch and it's on!

Say what you want and it's on

Get the most from your DISH Voice Remote, now with Google Assistant. You can still use your voice to search, change channels, and pause your favorite shows just like before with some new, exciting features courtesy of Google Assistant.


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Enhance your viewing experience with Google Assistant

Enjoy the features of Google Assistant with the convenience of the DISH Voice Remote you know and love. Easily access your favorite entertainment. Ask questions and see answers from Google on screen. Dim the lights and control other smart devices. Or even manage tasks by using your voice. Press the mic button on your remote to get started.

Personalize your Experience with Google Assistant

The DISH Voice Remote is even better when you log in to your Google account. With Google Assistant, DISH provides a personalized experience that allows you to check your schedule, set personal reminders, and even control your smart home devices.

Never lose your remote again

How often do you find yourself looking for a lost or misplaced remote control? With the Voice Remote from DISH, you can spend less time searching. The new remote features a "locate remote" function that, when activated, causes the remote control to emit audible noises and flashing lights. Get to all your favorite programming more quickly by no longer wasting time on the search for your remote.

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*Internet connection, active subscription and Voice Remote are required to use voice feature.
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