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Joey Add-On Receivers

Want to extend the functionality of your DVR to multiple rooms and create a whole home DVR system ?

With one of our Joey Receivers connected to each of your other TVs, you get the freedom to access your Hopper’s interface, apps, recordings, Alexa Integration and Voice Controls, & more from anywhere in the house

What's a ?

What's a Joey ?

Joeys allow customers to expand their service to multiple rooms in the house without having to add a separate DVR in every room. They are small boxes that connect to your Hopper DVR and provide one seamless experience throughout the room. Start watching a program in one room, pause it, and resume it in another room with a Joey. You’ll need one Joey for each additional TV.

Connect any TV in your house to your DVR

DISH's advanced receiver technology lets you use your Joey to connect to your DVR any way you want. You can connect using standard coaxial wires or if you have a space where you want a cleaner look or can’t run wires – connect wirelessly.

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Find the Right Multi-Room TV Receiver

Our multi-room receivers let you connect any TV in the house to your Hopper DVR. Schedule a recording, watch a recording, stream Nexflix and more from any TV in the house with one of our Joeys:

4k Joey image

4K Joey

The 4K Joey is designed for people who own an 4K Ultra HD TV or are considering purchasing one. It’s also our first Joey that supports Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Supports 4K video resolution
  • Bluetooth support for wirelessly connecting your DVR to all your home entertainment devices
  • Same compact design and user-friendly Hopper interface as the original Joey


The original Joey lets you use a coaxial cable to connect your DVR to a TV in any room of your house.

  • Connects your DVR to any TV in your home (one Joey per TV)
  • Compact design for easy storage on a shelf or in a drawer
  • User-friendly Hopper interface

Joey image
Wireless Joey image

Wireless Joey

The Wireless Joey combines the Joey's DVR extension capability with the convenience of wireless technology.

  • Connect your DVR to any TV in your home without wires
  • Same compact design as the original Joey
  • Same user-friendly Hopper interface as the original Joey

Super Joey

Designed for the whole-home entertainment enthusiast, the Super Joey enhances the Joey's DVR extension capability by adding the ability to record up to eight channels at one time, plus two built-in tuners for fine-tuned control of your whole-home entertainment system.

  • Record up to sixteen channels at once and never miss a show again
  • Two built-in tuners for centralized whole-home entertainment control
  • Same compact design and user-friendly Hopper interface as other Joey models

Super Joey image

Didn’t See What You’re Looking For?

Joeys require a Hopper DVR to work – take a look at Hopper 3 for your top option to start building a whole home DVR system.

If you just want to enjoy DISH without a DVR, check out our non-DVR receivers to learn about your options.

Hopper 3 Whole Home DVR

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