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Watch 100% of Your Live and Recorded TV and 1000+ On Demand Titles

Anywhere You Want

DISH Anywhere® lets you enjoy your live and recorded content anywhere

Despite what some claim, not all providers give you true TV anywhere — DISH gives you 100% of the live and recorded TV you get at home, available anywhere, on any device. Get the facts

Use DISH Anywhere to watch TV online using your computer, phone, or tablet

Entertainment that follows you...

DISH gives you access to 100% of your live and recorded content anywhere. You get live sports, breaking news, your entire DVR collection and 1000s of OnDemand titles. Plus the ability to schedule DVR recordings on the fly.

From screen to screen and place to place...

Deliver your entertainment to up to five devices simultaneously, from TVs to laptops, tablets and mobile devices. You can even start out watching on your TV before resuming later on another device.

All at no extra cost*. Even works without an Internet connection.

Enjoy your favorite movies on flights or keep your kids entertained during a long road trip – even when you're offline – when you transfer your DVR recordings to any device in advance.

* included with the Hopper 2™ and 3™

Watch online

Watching TV anywhere requires an Internet-connected Hopper 2™ or Hopper 3™ DVR and compatible mobile device. After getting DISH service, visit to stream content to your computer, tablet or mobile device.

Download the app

You can also get the DISH Anywhere app for iOS, Android or Kindle Fire HDX. To watch offline, simply transfer your DVR recordings to your device.

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