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More sports, more entertainment

More than what’s on TV

What else do you get when you subscribe to America’s Top 250? Along with a vast selection of high quality television entertainment, you get a guaranteed price of $79.99/month for two years. And, like other DISH packages, you get free HD service for life. Over 8000 free On-Demand titles. Premium movie channels free for three months. Rotating free channel previews. And free standard installation of your satellite TV equipment.

The largest package, the most powerful DVR

The Hopper 3 gives you the power to take maximum advantage of all that America’s Top 250 offers. Its sophisticated search function lets you find programming by actor, show, network, or other keywords. Watch four channels at once using MultiView—our Sports Bar Mode—and record 16 channels at the same time to watch later. Go ahead, there’s space for 500 hours of recorded HD television. Then arrange recordings in folders to keep them organized as you wish. If America’s Top 250 is a continent of entertainment, the Hopper 3 is your navigation system. Learn more about the award-winning Hopper 3.

Recording hours vary; 2000 hours based on SD programming.

Whole-home TV solutions

So many ways to watch

Not only does America’s Top 250 give you maximum entertainment, DISH gives you maximum TV watching convenience with the Hopper 3, the heart of your whole entertainment system. Add Joeys to other TVs and bring every TV in your house into one system, so you can watch your recordings on any TV in your house. You can even stream every minute of live and on-demand programming and watch it on your computers and mobile devices with DISH Anywhere.

Monthly fees apply: Joey, $5; Super Joey, $10. Watching live and recorded TV anywhere requires an Internet-connected compatible mobile device

America's Top 250 channel lineup