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Packed with value

What do you get when you choose America’s Top 120? Along with the essential entertainment, you get a guaranteed price of $49.99/month for two years, free HD service for life, over 8000 free On-Demand titles, premium movie channels free for three months, rotating free channel previews every month and more! When you lock in this package, you come home with a great deal. See the full channel lineup in the America’s Top 120 package. Compare with our other packages.

The world’s most powerful DVR

When you subscribe to America’s Top 120, you can get the most powerful DVR - the Hopper 3. The Hopper 3 gives you more ways to watch TV than ever before. Watch four channels at the same time in MultiView, record up to 16 channels at once and automatically record your favorite primetime shows with PrimeTime Anytime. You can even search for programming by show title, movie title or actor. The results will include live, recorded, OnDemand and Netflix results. Learn more about the award-winning Hopper 3.

Upgrade your satellite TV package easily

If you want more out of your satellite TV bundle, you can upgrade for free at any time. DISH has three other packages to suit your needs. Take a step up to America’s Top 120+ for additional sports options. Get a broad selection of pop culture and entertainment with America's Top 200, or go big with a huge range of movies and outdoor and adventure entertainment with America's Top 250.

America's Top 120 channel lineup