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Picture in Picture

Picture in Picture

Life is full of hard choices. Don't let watching television become one of them. Choosing between channels to watch is less of a worry when you can watch two programs at once, split across your screen with Picture in Picture.

How to watch two channels at once

All you need for Picture in Picture (PIP) technology is a DISH Duo receiver hooked up to your television. Once the receiver is in place, you'll be ready to watch two programs at the same time. It's perfect for ending channel-surfing arguments between siblings or for keeping tabs on your team.

The soundtrack of your living room

Make sure you have the ultimate setup for having guests over. Picture in Picture lets you put on the different programs that your guests want to watch. Kick things up a notch with SiriusXM music channels, included in many of our popular packages. Easily stream music while watching any combination of what's on TV. It's perfect for everything from playoffs to watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve without breaking the mood.

A better way to watch television

The Hopper is changing the way people watch TV through plenty of other ways as well. Take a look for yourself to see how you can improve your television experience with the Hopper.

Important TermsRequires credit qualification, 24-mo. commitment with early termination fee and eAutoPay. 1 TV included. Upfront fees, taxes and state-specific surcharges may apply. All packages, programming, features, and functionality are subject to change. Offer ends 8/03/16. New customers only.