Vacation Destinations From the Movies

For most people, beginning a career means saying goodbye to summers full of extended vacations and hello to eight-hour work days. Are you looking to make your precious time off more memorable for you and your family this year? Why not make it a movie-themed getaway based on one of your favorite flicks? Check out these suggestions:


Sure, your kids may not be crazy about using some of their lazy summer days to head down to rural Georgia and go camping, but what do they know? Load the family into the station wagon, strap a canoe on the roof and head on down to the land of Dixie. Canoeing, fly fishing and beautiful scenery await you. Just be sure to steer away from banjo music.

The Endless Summer

Admittedly, this is going to require a bit more planning (and money) than most other family vacations, but it’s bound to be worth it. In the spirit of this timeless 1966 documentary, grab some plane tickets to South Africa and spend a few days teaching your kids how to surf. Even if you choose not to go abroad, spend a week tacking up and down coastal spots in South Carolina or Florida catching waves. You’ll give an incredible story to your kids’ “What I Did Over Summer Vacation” essays.

Lord of the Rings

There’s really no way to do this one incorrectly. New Zealand offers some of the most beautiful natural landscapes in the world, and your kids are bound to love seeing where some of their favorite movies were shot. Looking for activities? You can sample local cuisine, take a day hike, spend your time searching for the one true ring or even battle a couple of orcs. The world is yours.