Enhancing Your Camping Experience: HD TV Made Easy with DISH

A beautiful camping scene with a TV on the RV.

Deciding to bring HD TV into your camping adventures can create what feels like a maze of questions: Which antenna is best? What’s the cost? Sometimes, getting straightforward answers about how to watch TV while camping feels like searching for a needle in a haystack. But fear not, DISH is here to simplify this process and guide you from start to finish.


Easy Set Up. Portable Equipment.

The flexibility of having a portable DISH RV satellite makes getting TV wherever you are camping feasible. Antennas are designed for 100% portability, are easy to pick up and move to a better location, and don’t require installation. You can get set up in mere minutes.  All you need is a satellite antenna bundle and with a simple connection, you can be watching your favorite shows in minutes.  Don’t have an antenna yet? To find the perfect fit and get you started, take this quiz.


As Low As $5 A Month 

If you are a DISH Customer already, getting DISH in your RV is as simple as adding a Wally Receiver to your account! You can enjoy the same great programming you do at home, on the road, for only $5 a month.

If you aren’t a home subscriber, you’re in luck with the Pay As You Go program! Say goodbye to contracts and credit checks; with DISH Outdoors, it’s HD TV on your terms. There’s no binding agreement—call to activate for this month’s trip or simply skip the call if your next excursion isn’t until the end of summer. It’s entertainment when you want it, plain and simple.


RV Prep Season is here

With millions of RVers gearing up to go camping this summer, DISH is here to help you get started! Check out all of our resources on our RV Prep Page to help you prepare. You’ll find an interactive RV checklist, exclusive offers, and more.


Ready to Dive In or Have More Questions?

If you are ready to get started, click through to start shopping for your HD TV camping setup. Still pondering a few things? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page for more detailed information.

Your camping experience is about to get a whole lot better with DISH. Say hello to hassle-free entertainment and goodbye to complicated setups. Happy camping and happier TV watching! If you have any questions about how to watch TV while camping, or need further assistance, our dedicated support staff is just a call away at 1-800-472-1039.