BonusView on DISH: Watch Extra Channels For Free

Art for BonusView on DISH

When you order Chinese food, you expect to get a fortune cookie. You’re not paying for that fortune cookie (at least we hope not), but you probably enjoy it, perhaps in part due to the fact that you did not pay for it (the fortune inside the fortune cookie is yet another value-add, but that’s another story).

We say all this because BonusView on DISH is like the TV version of a fortune cookie. It’s included with all DISH subscriptions from America’s Top 120 and up, it doesn’t cost you anything extra, and you will almost certainly enjoy it. Here’s what to know about BonusView on DISH. Not a DISH subscriber? Follow this link to find the best offer and TV package that’s right for you!


How to Watch BonusView on DISH

DISH currently offers 16 BonusView channels to all subscribers with America’s Top 120 and up. All you need is internet-connected Hopper equipment (to connect your Hopper to the internet, simply go to “Settings”, select “Internet” and connect to your wi-fi network). 


What Channels Are Available with BonusView?

BonusView programming is nested inside three channels:

BonusView Westerns (Channel 91)

  • NOST – The Nostalgia Network
  • Cowboy Way
  • Lone Star Classics


BonusView Classics (Channel 92)

  • The Bob Ross Channel
  • Antiques Roadshow
  • The Three Stooges+
  • The Film Detective
  • Electric Now
  • Stash TV The Classics


BonusView Movies (Channel 93)

  • Horror by ALTER
  • Documentary+
  • HI-YAH!
  • Screambox TV
  • Maverick Black Cinema
  • Glewed TV

Best of all, new BonusView channels are being added all the time, so be sure to check back regularly to see what we’ve added.


How Much Does BonusView Cost?

Have you already forgotten the fortune cookie metaphor above? BonusView does not cost anything extra, just make sure your Hopper device is connected to the internet and you have America’s Top 120 package or higher.