To layer or not to layer? Hopper’s Weather Channel App Answers the Question!

You can feel it in the air – the seasons are changing. Summer has come to a close, and the onset of fall greets us with cooler days and chilly nights. Dependent upon where you live, October can be month of ever-changing weather – sunshine, rain, snow – sometimes all three in one day.

With the ranging temperatures and weather systems, there’s no better time to familiarize yourself with The Weather Channel app on DISH’s Hopper DVR. The app makes it easy to check out real-time weather forecasts for your (or any) zip-code and stay in-the-know of the day ahead.


We’ve all had days where we wished we checked the forecast, and ended up wearing too few or too many layers of clothing. Ever left your home without a jacket or umbrella, to return drenched from an unexpected storm?


Pull it up while you watch your morning news and sip your coffee. Then go to your closet and dress for your day with confidence, packing whatever layering items are needed to manage any forecasts that, this time, won’t catch you by surprise!

To access The Weather Channel app, simply click the blue button from your Hopper remote control, and use the arrow buttons to scroll. The app is also available on DISH’s ViP set-top boxes from channel 100.


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