Halloween Essentials for Your Spooky Soiree

Are you ready to get your ‘Thriller’ dance on? It’s almost Oct. 31, so if you haven’t started your Halloween party planning, today’s the day. Not sure how to get started? Here are a few essentials for your spooky soiree.

  • Invites: Send Halloween invitations to good friends, family, witches and wizards. Avoid trolls! Planning a last-minute gathering? Send a quick Evite or create a Facebook event.
  • Decorations: Haunt your house with carved pumpkins, hanging bats, creepy hands, bones and, of course, a lot of spider webs. Some stores with great Halloween finds include Party City, Spirit Halloween, Halloween City and even your local grocery store. Pro tip: Need help with the pumpkin carving? Host a carving night a few days before the big party with some close friends.
  • Costumes: The party host has to set the bar high with a knockout costume. Need ideas? Check out our blog with costumes from this season’s hottest TV shows.
  • Candy: Embrace the sugar high with this Halloween staple. Pro tip: Stand out by treating your guests to full-sized candy bars.
  • Snacks: If that sugar high starts to wear off, use some alternative snacks like fruit for fuel. Make banana ghosts: (1) cut bananas in half, (2) stick three small chocolate chips (two eyes and a mouth) into the bananas and (3) place the bottom halfs into a bowl of peanut butter, giving the appearance of ghosts rising from the ground. Surround with tangerine pumpkins: (1) peel tangerines, (2) cut small celery sticks and (3) place celery into the tangerine centers for mini pumpkin lookalikes.
  • Drinks: Mix a spooky cocktail (21+) or mocktail in a cauldron. Add dry ice for a bubbling and steaming effect. Remember to use proper safety precautions when handling dry ice and avoid contact with skin.
  • Music: Play themed tunes right from your TV with DISH’s Hopper DVR. How? Click the blue button on your remote control, then use the arrows to scroll to the Pandora app. We recommend playing Pandora’s ‘Halloween Party’ station. Remember, Hopper is connected to your TV, which often has the best speakers in your home.


With these items complete, clear the floor. You are ready for your epic ‘Monster Mash’ dance party.

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