Let DISH take you back to your “glory days” in our latest college football TV spots

Fall can be a nostalgic time of year. The season starts to change, kids go back to school, and the excitement of college football is building. No matter how long it’s been since you graduated, we know you want to stay connected to your college football team. We know you’re a fan. We know you’ve memorized your team’s schedule with the hope that this will be the year your team dominates. And we know that those years spent in college will always be among your “glory days.”

That’s why this year DISH is making sure fans are so connected to their teams via the DISH Anywhere™ app, it will be like they’re back in college. Ah, back in college. Those were the days. And to show you just how excited we are about celebrating the glory days, we brought back some of the biggest college all-stars of the past to relive their own glory days in our latest DISH TV spot.

Football fans are getting a kick out of watching college stars like Matt Leinart, Heath Shuler, Brian Bosworth, and in a spot just released today, JaMarcus Russell, remembering their glory days. The first spot, which launched on August 4, really got football fans talking. Memories of these stand-outs succeeding throughout their college years immediately came to mind and the storytelling began. Because who doesn’t have their own glory days story?

The spot launching today with JaMarcus Russell features the features the guys grilling out and giving each other a good ribbing, while watching their favorite sport in the backyard with the DISH Anywhere app group. It’s a scene that all fans can relate to: camaraderie, a little bit of trash-talking and the best tailgating foods.

DISH is ready to go back to college, and we’re taking college football fans with us.

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