You can now pay your DISH bill with bitcoin at

Meet Austin and Beccy Craig—DISH’s first bitcoin-paying customers.

The Craigs are happy newlyweds, outdoor enthusiasts, and bitcoin devotees.  On a quest to take this “cryptocurrency” mainstream,the couple recently spent their first 101 days of marriage traveling exclusively on bitcoin and chronicled the adventure in the soon-to-be released documentary “Life on Bitcoin.”

What did they want to do when they returned home after the journey ended?

Relax and catch up on their favorite TV shows.  At the time, their options were slim.  Today, DISH solves the entertainment dilemma faced by bitcoin fans like the Craigs.

DISH launched the acceptance of bitcoin this morning, now available for all of our customers through and the Hopper® Whole-Home HD DVR. When DISH announced plans to offer bitcoin payment earlier this year, we became the largest company worldwide – and the first pay-TV provider— to accept the “cryptocurrency.”

Our customers spoke.  We listened.

Tech-forward chatter among many DISH subscribers spurred the big move.  Now, we are proud to offer customers an innovative, new choice for paying the monthly TV bill.

DISH has partnered with Coinbase to make this payment service available.  Coinbase will help us navigate the bitcoin waters, using its Instant ExchangeTM feature to exchange bitcoin payments to U.S. dollars at the moment of the transaction.

If you’re a bitcoin enthusiast, or interested in becoming one, join Austin and Beccy. Log on to or go to “Pay My Bill” on your Hopper.