Joining forces in disaster recovery

When natural disasters strike, impacted communities rely on support from others to help them recover and rebuild. On the front lines of disaster recovery is Team Rubicon, a group of volunteers who are among the first to respond when communities call for help. The team, made up of U.S. military veterans, is ready to deploy at a moment’s notice to lend a helping hand in the face of devastation and destruction. Over the past five years more than 20,000 veterans have volunteered with Team Rubicon; this squadron of vets has found a purpose at home, using their skills and experience to take on a different type of battlefield.

In a new partnership, DISH recently outfitted Team Rubicon’s 53-foot mobile command center with our satellite and broadband technology.This semitrailer is used to transport volunteers and relief services from one disaster zone to the next, from the tornadoes of Oklahoma to the floods of Colorado. With the resources we provide, Team Rubicon is able to mobilize a rapid response team equipped with telecommunications services that are critical during recovery efforts. When local telecom systems go down, our technology brings internet and video capabilities, providing up-to-date news and communications services to those who need them most.

Also involved in the recovery efforts is ITDRC, a nonprofit organization working with both DISH and Team Rubicon to bring timely information and resources to people in need. With this coalition in place, we are able to help communities find the relief they need to begin rebuilding in the wake of disaster.

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