5 places where it’s okay to take TV with you this holiday season

Celebrating new year

Ah, December. The turkey and stuffing-induced coma is over for now. As we start to settle in after the long Thanksgiving weekend, we can’t help but think about the December holiday festivities soon to be in full swing. Holiday parties, dinners, gift exchanges and inevitable road trips will take you away from your home and your TV.

So this holiday season, we want to make it official:  It’s okay to take TV with you. 

And we don’t mean toting your flat screen from your living room to the community tree lighting. Instead, watch the shows you can’t miss right from your mobile phone or tablet. With DISH Anywhere™, you’ll can access all of your live or recorded TV wherever this year’s events take you.

We know people use DISH Anywhere all year long to stay close to their favorite shows while on-the-go. And this holiday season should be no different, which is why we put together a list of places you can watch DISH Anywhere throughout December.

1.    Sitting in traffic. For most Americans, traffic has become part of our daily routines. Some commuters even spend up to 90 hours per year in traffic. And unfortunately, the holidays are no exception. Just like travel around Thanksgiving weekend increases, we expect the same around December holidays, too.  Why not entertain your passengers this year with some live-TV viewing from the backseat. Keep their boredom at bay, allowing you to focus on the task at hand.

2.   Family gatherings. We know you love your family, but there’s nothing wrong with sneaking a peek at that third down conversion while listening to grandma’s story (for the tenth time). Save the day and invite the whole party to watch the fourth quarter live with DISH Anywhere for ultimate family bonding time.

3.   Marathon gift shopping. Checking off every person from your gift list is a feat in itself, but it’s even harder if you’re towing bored, tired kids along. Keep them entertained by pulling up their favorite cartoons and watch your little Grinch turn into Cindy Lou Who at the push of a button.

4.   Holiday parties. No matter how fun the parties are, they all take you away from your living room, and we know that for even the merriest party-goers, missing your favorite shows can be a real downer. Sneak off to the coat room for a little TV pick me up and you’ll be back to your jingle bell self in no time.

5.   Airport security lines. The holidays have proven to be the busiest travel days of the year, meaning long lines at security checkpoints. Oftentimes, we see people put on their head phones and listen to music to pass time. But we all know there’s no better place than in a TSA line to catch up on a favorite show.

So pick your location, go forth and conquer the holiday season with DISH Anywhere. And be sure to share with @DISHNews how and where you use DISH Anywhere this month!