Job Hunting Tips for SXSW

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Believe it or not, SXSW isn’t just for taking in some of the best music, art and technology of the year. In fact, the festival is a great opportunity for those in the job market.

Due to the dense concentration of innovators, startups and entrepreneurs at SXSW, the fest is the perfect destination for those looking for meaningful or interesting employment. If you’re going to SXSW looking for a job (or any other fest), it’s important that you approach it in the right manner. Take a look at these tips for job hunting successfully at SXSW:

Use social media
As you may already know, SXSW is bursting at the seams with social media. Attendees, presenters and musicians all use popular platforms to connect with others at the festival. You can use this to your advantage on the job market. Searching for certain hashtags will allow you to find and track some of the best potential jobs out there. Try posting statuses featuring the #SXSW hashtag and terms such as #unemployed, #newtechnology and #startup to catch the attention of potential employers at the festival. Make sure you’re checking your statuses frequently to see if anyone has replied to you!

Look for recruiters
Speaking directly to representatives from a given company or organization can be a great route to take. If you’re interested in an awesome company, the odds can be strong that tons of other job seekers are too. To avoid getting lost in the mix of potential employees, consider enlisting the resources of a recruiter. These professionals will be all over SXSW, and their job is to get the attention of employers for you. One of the largest benefits of working with recruiters is that they won’t limit you to the companies you’re already actively scouting. They’ll not only contact the companies you have an interest in, but also uncover opportunities you may not have been aware of.

Don’t limit yourself
Entering the job search process at SXSW with an open mind will expand your opportunities. Given the broad range of opportunities presented at SXSW, it’s to your benefit to get in touch with as many employers as possible. Try getting to a different part of the festival grounds each day to search for the companies that matter to you. Be sure to bring copies of your resume so you can distribute them and be in contact down the way.