Don’t Watch These Movies at SXSW With Your Significant Other

Young couple holding hands in movie theater

Although music is probably the first thing that leaps to mind when people think about South by Southwest, the festival also offers an incredible array of film screenings. For couples with a mutual interest in up-and-coming cinema, this can be a huge benefit of attending the festival — but not every movie is cut out for romantic encounters.

If you’re bringing that special someone along, you may want to think carefully about which screenings you attend together. Even once you account for your partner’s cinematic tastes, it might be fair to assume that you probably shouldn’t see the following movies with your girlfriend.

Creative Control
Though it sounds like an awesome flick, Creative Control might be one movie you shouldn’t see on a date. Directed by Benjamin Dickinson, the film tells the tale of jealousy gone wrong in a relationship, which is not the most romantic talking point. The movie follows the story of David, an executive at an advertising agency who is working on representing glasses that augment reality. Jealous of his best friend’s girlfriend, David finds a way to blend another version of her into his own world. This, of course, comes with some unforeseen consequences. Catch this film on March 15 at the Rollins Theatre or March 19 at the Alamo Lamar.

Hello, My Name Is Doris
Death affects everyone differently, sometimes in strange ways, and that’s the basic premise of this film. The story follows Doris, a 60-year-old woman who finds her life turned upside down by the death of her elderly mother. Determined to get out of her funk, she attends a self-help seminar and begins romantically pursuing John, a much younger man. While her pursuit of John takes her life in exciting new directions, it also leads her to understand that everything she wants may not be what’s best for her. Although it might be appealing to bring your girlfriend along for this one, you may find yourself in an unwanted “does love truly conquer all?” conversation.

On the face of it, Manglehorn actually appears to be the kind of movie you would want to see with your girlfriend. The tale is one of classic love and loss as a small-town locksmith forges a new relationship with a woman he meets at a bank. Though she entices him, he is constantly held back by the memory of his former partner, Clara, whom he can’t move beyond. We won’t ruin the ending for you, but this movie could bring up some uncomfortable conversations about not-so-estranged exes.