DISH “Samba Girl” sets records

As the final soccer match approaches, DISH continues to showcase games live from Brazil with the Hopper’s unsurpassed fútbol viewing features. DISH customers can take games on-the-go with DISH AnywhereTM, track statistics with an on-screen tournament app, and enjoy matches in five different camera angles on one channel.

What better way to showcase these features? A little Samba. Or “Samba Girl,” to be exact.

At its core, DISH’s Samba Girl campaign represents “El Juego Bonito” – the beautiful game – and the many ways in which fans can optimize their fútbolviewing experience. Embodying the energy and passion of soccer in multiple advertisements, Samba Girl highlights the Hopper’s cutting-edge technology that “you won’t be able to take your eyes off!”

Samba Girl ads have reached more than 20 million combined video views and is recognized as YouTube’s first multi-cultural Masthead takeover with more than 100 million impressions in two days. Moreover, the campaign exceeded digital space industry standards in terms of display interactions, video completion and click-through rates, while the ad’s placement in Times Square was a unique, high-visibility opportunity for soccer fans in New York City.

Check out the videos below. To learn more about Samba Girl and Hopper, click here.