Sustainability at DISH: Saving one million pounds of cardboard annually

Here at DISH, we innovate. This extends beyond delivering technological advancements in the pay-TV industry – we also work to implement creative, impactful ways to conserve resources.

Cue DISH’s latest environmentally friendly innovation – our cardboard reduction initiative.

Every day, DISH mails empty cardboard boxes to customers. Why? Let’s say a customer upgrades their ViP 922 set-top box to a Hopper. In this instance, they would use the mailed box to return their leased 922 so we can refurbish and redeploy it, or responsibly recycle the electronic material through an R2 certified recycler.

Ultimately, our customers use these cardboard boxes to help further DISH’s electronics recycling mission. And while we can’t easily lessen the quantity of boxes used daily, we realized that we could minimize the amount of cardboard used in each box. Accordingly, we recently reduced cardboard per box by 20 percent. This allows us to conserve more than 1.1 million pounds of cardboard every year – the equivalent to roughly 90 African Elephants (the average African Elephant weighs 12,100 lbs).

Last year, DISH’s sustainable operations recycled more than 24.5 million pounds of materials, which includes roughly 130,000 cardboard boxes per week.