Bluetooth Comes to Joey via a Dongle

For DISH Network users, we’re now introducing: the dongle. The dongle is a small piece of hardware, slightly larger than a USB, which plugs into a computer device and allows you to use certain software. It was originally developed as a security measure because the dongle acts as an electronic key that unlocks specific programs on the computer. Now, DISH customers can use it to access Bluetooth functionalities on their Joeys through the Bluetooth Joey Adapter — our take on the dongle.

What is the Joey?

The Joey connect all the facets of your home entertainment system. The Hopper is the primary receiver, and the Joeys are connected to this device wirelessly. The Joeys allow you to watch TV in all the rooms of your home, and they come with tons of extra features. For example, the Super Joey allows you to record up to eight shows at once, and the Virtual Joey doesn’t even require a separate receiver.

How can I get Bluetooth on the receivers?

Both the Hopper and the Joey now come with Bluetooth capabilities, thanks to the Bluetooth Joey Adapter. Simply plug the adapter into the USB port on the Joey receiver to access Bluetooth capabilities.

What Bluetooth capabilities does the dongle offer?

With the Bluetooth Joey Adapter, you can stream audio via headphones, headsets and speakers. Indulge in spectacular surround sound in your living room, and enjoy an enhanced viewing experience around your at-home TV. Looking for a quieter option? Watch all your favorite shows without waking your sleeping partner by slipping on headphones with Bluetooth functionality.

The Bluetooth Joey Adapter allows DISH to tailor your TV-watching experience. With the right tools, you can seamlessly integrate all of your home entertainment system’s features.

Take advantage off these great Bluetooth capabilities to enjoy more than 290 channels with Americas Top 250 from DISH