The Top 8 Indie Movies on Netflix Right Now

All caught up on Friends AND House of Cards? Here are top indie movies we recommend you watch now on Netflix!

  1. The One I Love 

    Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss play a couple at their wit’s end looking to give their marriage one last shot. The two head out to the countryside for a weekend getaway and learn that the house isn’t as sleepy as they first thought.

  2. In a World
    In A World
    In a World
    is a hilarious telling of one woman’s attempts at voice-over acting. Lake Bell plays Carol, the unmotivated, spastic daughter of a famous voice actor who decides to make a go at the family business. Though she’s met with doubt and scrutiny in the male-dominated industry, she faces each hater with casual sarcasm and humor.
  3. The Master
    The Master
    The Master is an under the radar movie featuring knock out performances from Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams and the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Phoenix plays a troubled outcast who stumbles across Lancaster Dodd and his wife (played by Hoffman and Adams) who provide a community to belong to. Little does Freddie realize he’s being initiated into a cult that consumes and confuses everything he’s previously known.
  4. Tiny Furniture
    Tiny Furniture
    Before she was an acclaimed author, actress and director, Lena Dunham starred in Tiny Furniture. Dunham plays a recent college grad who attempts to avoid mediocrity and the creative shadows of her artist mother. This sometimes-awkward comedy is a sort of precursor to Girls and delves into many of the same 20-something viewpoints Dunham has become so famous for.
  5. Frank
    Frank is a heartfelt and comical look at a group of eccentric musicians trying to navigate their place in the music world. Follow the group in the midst of their lead singer’s crippling anxiety and a new member’s desire for fame.
  6. Take This Waltz
    Take This Waltz
    Margot and Lou, played by Michelle Williams and Seth Rogen, play a couple living across the street from an artist. As Margot falls in love with the man, cracks in the couple’s relationship are revealed and their once happy life proves to be not so perfect after all. Rogen takes on the rare dramatic role well and holds his own next to Williams.
  7. Prince Avalanche
    Prince Avalanche
    Paul Rudd and Emile Hirsch play Alvin and Lance, two men looking to get away from the city in the summer of 1988. The two men take jobs as road workers out in the country and are forced to come to terms with themselves and the people they left behind. Follow the two along isolating backdrops in the rural landscapes of Price Avalanche.
  8. Nobody Walks
    Nobody Walks
    LA-based Sound Designer Peter and his wife (played by John Krasinski and Rosemarie DeWitt) have their trust and limits tested when a guest moves in. Watch how the couple’s relationships holds up as the beautiful, young student Martine (played by Olivia Thirlby) moves into their Silver Lake home for the summer.