The Oscars: The Good, the Weird and the Very Weird

Awards trophy and clapper board


This year’s Oscars had everything from tears and powerful speeches to a nearly naked host. In other words, it was pretty much what you’d expect. And then there was the weird stuff. Like Glom Gazingo. And grabby hands. What was that about?

Here are some of the good, weird and very weird moments of the night:

The Good

The Speeches

So many speeches were powerful, touching and heartwarming. They also had a very specific intent. Some of the topics included suicide, equality and Alzheimer’s. Winners took the opportunity of being on such a large stage to push a powerful message to the world. Be sure to check out speeches from:

  • J.K. Simmons
  • Patricia Arquette
  • Graham Moore
  • Common and John Legend
  • Eddie Redmayne

Graham Moore’s “Stay weird, stay different” comment was tweeted more than 100,000 times in 72 hours. Clearly the message was appreciated by many.

Eddie Redmayne

Everyone loves an underdog. Sure, Eddie had better odds of winning, but the majority of the love in the media went to Michael Keaton and Bradley Cooper. What was even better was his speech. He was genuine and grateful, and everyone was rooting for him. Good for you, Eddie.

Lady Gaga’s Performance

At first, people weren’t sure what to expect from Lady Gaga when she was slated to sing a tribute to The Sound of Music, but once she finished, not one person in the audience was sitting. Simply put, she was amazing.

The Weird

NPH’s Jokes

What even happened here? With a spoon? Are you serious? I’m not exactly sure where those jokes came from, but I hope they never come back.

NPH in His Underwear

This was awkward. I’m guessing it was improvised to help with the bad jokes, but I’m not exactly sure. Either way, this was definitely an “out there” moment. Keep it clean next time, Doogie.

The Very Weird

Glom Gazingo and the Face Grabbing

Idina Menzel introduced John Travolta as Glom Gazingo, a play on Travolta’s goof-up from last year’s Oscars. But that wasn’t even the very weird part. As everyone laughed, Travolta began caressing Menzel’s face and didn’t stop. This went way past the point of awkward. *cringes*

Sean Penn’s Comment

The green card joke about Birdman director Alejandro González Iñárritu was one of those moments that quickly came and went, and nobody knew what to do with it. The Internet definitely wasn’t happy about it. Sure, those two worked together in the past, but what was the meaning of that?!

What were your favorite moments of the Oscars?