How to Watch Two College Basketball Games at Once

Basketball going through hoopIt’s time for a change, college hoops fans. Every March, your remote control gets lit up worse than the teams at the bottom of every conference. Really, you’re better than this. Just because your team is ready for the big stage doesn’t mean your thumbs have to be in game shape too. This March, give your remote a breather and take a seat because the Hopper has it covered.

You have two eyes, so why not watch twice the action at the same time? The Hopper’s Side by Side feature can make this a reality by giving you the power to watch two games at once on your TV. This way, you won’t miss a single play. Take a look at how to feed your college basketball craving this year:

1. Find your remote control and press the PIP button. (Note: PIP stands for picture-in-picture).


2. Arrow to the SIDE BY SIDE option and press the SELECT button.


3. Two channels will display on your TV, as shown below.


4. Channel changes will always be applied to the left side of the screen. To change the channel on the right side, first press the SWAP button, then tune to the channel you’d like to watch.