Watch House of Cards Season 3 via Netflix on the Hopper

Calling all Frank Underwood supporters! Today, House of Cards is back for Season 3 on Netflix, and there’s no better way to watch Frank, Claire and the rest of the cunning crew than the Netflix app on our Hopper DVR. Will you be one of the many people to binge watch this weekend?

In case you missed it, DISH is the first major pay-TV provider in the U.S. to integrate the Netflix app. You can instantly stream all your favorite Netflix movies and TV shows directly from our second-generation Hopper in three easy steps listed below.

How to Watch Netflix from the Hopper

  • To get to Netflix from any channel, click the blue button on the DISH remote and then scroll to select the Netflix icon. You can also get to Netflix from the Hopper main menu by pressing the “menu” button.
  • Once the app launches, current Netflix subscribers can sign in directly from the app and start streaming.
  • New customers can create an account in the Netflix app on the Hopper or by visiting

Watch House of Cards, available via Netflix on Hopper, Friday, February 27. Happy streaming!

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