Hopper Delivers More Madness for College Basketball Fans with Three Apps

It’s a great time of the year. After a long winter, March rewards us with warming weather, sun that shines past 5 p.m. and, perhaps best of all, everybody’s favorite college basketball tournament.

Big tournament games start tomorrow, and with three unique apps on our Hopper DVR, DISH customers won’t miss a minute of the madness. Check out the Bracket View, College Sports Multi-Channel View and NCAA Top 25 Rankings apps detailed below.

  1. Bracket View. This app is both as simple and as useful as its name indicates. Bracket View lets you follow the tournament in real time by displaying live, upcoming and completed games in, well, a bracket view. You can navigate games in all four regions – Midwest, East, West and South – so it’s easy to find and tune to live games or set scheduled games to record. The app also displays real-time scores and game stats, including points per game leader, field goal percentage and 3-point field percentage. The best part is that you can check out this app without exiting a game you’re watching—it will continue to play in the top left corner of your TV screen.
  2. College Sports Multi-Channel View. What’s better than one basketball game? Four. Our College Sports Multi-Channel View app lets you watch up to four games on one TV screen so you catch every upset, buzzer beater and blocked shot the moment it happens.
  3. NCAA Top 25. This app lists the top 25 college basketball teams as ranked by the AP Top 25 and USA Today Coaches Poll. Throughout the tournament, the two polls will rank teams every week based on game outcomes and performances. And, similar to our Bracket View app, you don’t have to miss a minute of the game you’re watching, as it will continue to air in the top left corner of your TV screen.


To access any of these three apps, simply click the blue button on your Hopper remote and scroll to the “Sports Hub” icon.


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