5 Vacation Destinations That Look Like Mario Kart Courses


From time to time, you may have wished that life were more like a video game — it’s natural. Although finding the real-life equivalent of Yoshi isn’t likely, you will discover the courses from Mario Kart, or at least locations that look like them.

Koopa Troopa Beach: Seychelles

Admit it: When you raced along the fine beaches of the Koopa Troopa, it didn’t seem like a bad vacation spot. Enter a beach called Anse Source D’Argent on La Digue in Seychelles. We’re not saying Koopa Troopa modeled his beach using this tropical island, but he may be more resourceful than we thought.

Moo Moo Farm: Upstate New York

Moo Moo Farm is a blissfully rural spectacle. Filled with what appears to be free-range cows and rolling green hills, it’s quintessential Upstate New York. You probably won’t find Monty Moles here, but it never hurts to watch your back.

Sherbet Land: Antarctica

Icebergs, snow and absolutely no frozen desserts to be found: Sherbet Land is an interesting place. To frolic with penguins in a winter wonderland like this, you’ll need to head to Mainland West Antarctica, where emperor penguins are waiting for you. If you had a thing for March of the Penguins, this is where it’s all at.

DK’s Jungle Parkway: Bwindi Forest National Park

Ahhh, the humble abode of the one and only Donkey Kong. The landscape is part forest, part lake, and filled with strange Smurf-like creatures wearing grass skirts. The closet thing you’ll find on earth is Bwindi Forest in Uganda, where many a curious civilian goes gorilla trekking. The scenery certainly is cool, and the mountain gorillas are even cooler.

Note: Unlike in DK’s Parkway, the sun is not always setting in this jungle. What can you do?

Yoshi Valley: Utah

Yoshi Valley isn’t just any valley — its ultra-narrow paths and surrounding lush greenery (sorta weird) are almost totally unique. The only place that compares? Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah. Thin spires called hoodoos abound, and vibrant green trees surround it.

Just as you drove through Yoshi Valley, if you were to walk around in this cavern (note: don’t do that), you would never know where anyone else is.