Unusual Ways to Travel


For many travelers, getting from place to place in a crowded, stuffy airplane is hardly a pleasant trip. A long car ride can be just as “amusing” when you’re stuck in traffic without any scenery. But who says you have to go the traditional route? Skip the planes and trains and try a more adventurous way to get around. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Hot air balloon
Enjoy some fresh air as you drift among the clouds in a method of travel that has existed since the 17th century. Hot air balloons can get you from point A to B surprisingly fast if you catch the wind at the right time. In fact, several adventurers have circumnavigated the globe in as little as two to three weeks.

Dog sled
If you find yourself in Alaska or another cold locale, take the opportunity to move like so few have. Although dog sledding isn’t the normal means of transportation in these areas, what could be better than being whisked around by a pack of adorable huskies? Be prepared for a fast and bumpy ride, and note that you may have to occasionally get off the sled and run with the dogs on more demanding terrain.

Duck tours
Have you wanted to soak in all the sights in tourist destinations such as Boston, Seattle or London? Try getting down and dirty by going on a duck tour to experience these areas from a different perspective. The Ducks are amphibious trucks designed by the U.S. military and can easily maneuver on both land and water. You’ll be able to enjoy the city streets and get a more scenic view out on the water with this ride.