Tuning in with a Second Screen

With more than 250 channels to choose from, up to 2,000 hours of DVR recordings and thousands more on-demand selections, what’s the best way to find out what’s on? Jimshade Chaudhari, director of DISH video product management, wants to help you tune in. He joined a panel of experts at the 2nd Screen Summit at CES this afternoon in Las Vegas to talk about making the discovery experience easier, and how DISH subscribers are enjoying their programs on the go. Here’s Jimshade’s take:

Our customers have told us they want their favorite programming available wherever and whenever is convenient for them, so we’ve designed the Hopper with Sling to help them experience just that with the DISH Anywhere app. That’s available for Apple, Android, and soon Kindle Fire devices. Earlier today, we announced we’re adding an app for LG Smart TVs and SONY PlayStation 3 and 4 systems, giving our customers more options than ever before.

A lot of our customers use a second screen, like a tablet, to find the TV show, movie or sporting event they want to watch. They also view these programs with a second screen in hand. So in addition to DISH working with Control4, Thuuz and BuddyTV joined in and enhanced their apps for our subscribers to be able to interact with and control the Hopper. Our own second screen app, DISH Explorer, is still a hit with customers, and soon this app will have voice control. You want to see when the Broncos play? Just ask and tell it to record.

I’m excited about approaching the viewing experience in a multi-dimensional way – quite simply, it helps our customers make the most of their subscriptions.”